Triton Electric Vehicle (Triton EV) has introduced its new logo. The new royal blue-coloured logo symbolises the company’s long-term commitments to knowledge-driven products clean energy and eco-friendliness. The new logo is also designed to showcase the company’s diverse yet focused approach toward clean technologies and restricting carbon footprints through its product portfolio.

The company has recently announced to foray into Hydrogen-Fuel-Powered two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

Triton EV has also made strong announcements such as the launch of the India R&D centre and massive EV Truck Manufacturing Hub in Bhuj Gujarat. This 3.7 Million Sq foot manufacturing plant infrastructure will become the epicentre of EV Truck Manufacturing Hub by Triton Electric Vehicle.

Sharing his views on the new logo of the company, Mr Himanshu B Patel, Chairman and MD of Triton Electric Vehicle Pvt. Ltd. stated, “Our commitment is strongly towards adding positive contribution towards controlling carbon footprint through the usage of clean-fuel run vehicles and clean technologies that are used mobility. World is moving rapidly towards the usage of smart mobility solutions. The user’s parameters of smart mobility include environmental safety, clean-air and sustainable eco-friendly technologies. Whatever we work we have been keeping such parameters of consumers at the top priority. The new logo of Triton EV has strong elements of our corporate commitment towards making our society’s environmentally sustainable.”

Source – PR Agency