Tesla as a brand may be taking their own sweet time to come to India but their latest creation, the Cybertruck, makes a lot of sense for us

Tesla recently unveiled the Cybertruck, a pick-up truck (if that’s what it is), which will be delivered from late 2021. Bookings can be made for just $100 (Rs 7,000 approx.).

We have already done a story on the specs and other related information. As we’ve been learning about the Cybertruck, it has become evident to us that it would be a great vehicle for India. Here’s why:

1) It’s big

There is no other way to put this — Tesla’s Cybertruck is huge! It was spotted in the US on public roads and it completely dwarfed other cars. What’s more, the sharp edges give it a menacing vibe, which further accentuates the fact that it is big. And if there’s one thing Indian car buyers love, it’s definitely road presence. Our love for SUVs says it, even if we choose not to acknowledge that.

2) It’s bulletproof

Do I even need to explain this one! If there was a carmaker in India that could manufacture and sell bulletproof vehicles at a decent price, it would climb the charts overnight. Especially considering, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz make secure versions of their high-end saloon cars that cost crores of Rupees. In contrast, the Tesla cybertruck’s top-end variant would cost a shade over Rs 50 lakh in the US. Now I know that is not pocket change but compared to the ‘crores’ one would spend on these German saloons, the Tesla seems quite reasonably priced.

3) It offers good range…

One of the biggest deterrents in the adoption of electric vehicles in the Indian market has been their range. The Tesla Cybertruck, in its highest-spec, can deliver a range of 800km. That is quite a lot! Barring cross country trips, even all highway needs can be covered in that range. And once we get even basic EV charging infrastructure in the country, we will appreciate the 800km range as at that point, the Cybertruck will have nullified the range advantage of internal combustion engines.

4) …and last-mile connectivity

More often than not last-mile connectivity is poor in India. We often end up parking our vehicle quite a distance away due to the unavailability of parking and if it’s on the bigger side it just doesn’t fit in some narrow lanes. Enter Cyberquad. The ATV that Tesla showcased at the unveiling of the Cybertruck will be sold as an accessory with the truck — as confirmed by Musk on Twitter. Considering the small lanes that make up most Indian cities, it will make your last-mile commute a lot easier.

5) It’s dent-/scratch-proof!

Yes, you read that right. No more paint chips, scratches or dents. In our chaotic traffic situation, even brand new cars end up with a scratch or dent within no time. Naturally, the Cybertruck will be nothing short of a miracle for car owners here!

Source – CarDekho.com