As we approach the end of 2019, Skoda India has joined its rivals in offering lucrative discounts on their models

  • Discounts are being offered on select variants of the listed models.
  • They are applicable until 31 December, 2019.
  • All prices mentioned below are ex-showroom India.

We are halfway through December 2019 and the offers just refuse to stop. This time around, we have Skoda India slashing the prices of its popular models such as the Rapid, Superb and Kodiaq.

Want to know how much you could save if you pick up a Skoda this December? Find out below.


The Rapid is the entry-level sedan from Skoda and can be had with either a petrol or a diesel engine. Both these engines are offered with the choice of a manual or automatic transmission. However, it is only some of the petrol-auto, diesel-manual and diesel-auto powertrains that are being offered at a discounted rate. Check out how much you can save on a Rapid in the table below.

Powertrain Variant Old Price Discounted Price Difference
1.6 Petrol-auto Ambition Rs 11.36 lakh Rs 10 lakh Rs 1.36 lakh
1.5 Diesel-manual Active Rs 10.06 lakh Rs 9 lakh Rs 1.06 lakh
1.5 Diesel-manual Ambition Rs 11.26 lakh Rs 10 lakh Rs 1.26 lakh
1.5 Diesel-manual Style Rs 12.74 lakh Rs 11.16 lakh Rs 1.58 lakh
1.5 Diesel-auto Ambition Rs 12.50 lakh Rs 11.36 lakh Rs 1.14 lakh
1.5 Diesel-auto Style Rs 14 lakh Rs 12.44 lakh Rs 1.56 lakh

Monte Carlo

Next in line is the Monte Carlo, which is just a Rapid with sportier aesthetics. In the case of Monte Carlo, discounts are only applicable on the diesel variants of the sedan. Check them out below.

Powertrain Variant Old Price Discounted Price Difference
1.5 Diesel-manual CR Rs 13 lakh Rs 11.40 lakh Rs 1.60 lakh
1.5 Diesel-auto CR Rs 14.26 lakh Rs 12.70 lakh Rs 1.56 lakh


Now we move on to the premium stuff in Skoda’s lineup. The Superb is available with a petrol or diesel engine and while the petrol engine can be had with a manual or automatic transmission, the diesel only comes with the option of an automatic. Check out which of the combinations get a discount this month.

Powertrain Variant Old Price Discounted Price Difference
1.8 Petrol-auto Style Rs 27.80 lakh Rs 26 lakh Rs 1.80 lakh
2.0 Diesel-auto Style Rs 30.30 lakh Rs 28.50 lakh Rs 1.80 lakh
2.0 Diesel-auto Laurent & Klement Rs 33.50 lakh Rs Rs 30 lakh Rs 3.50 lakh


Last, but not least, we have the Kodiaq. It is the priciest offering from Skoda in India, but the Czech carmaker is offering discounts of over Rs 2 lakh on the regular Kodiaq. There are no discounts on the Scout version of the SUV. Take a look below.

Powertrain Variant Old Price Discounted Price Difference
2.0 Diesel-auto Style Rs 35.37 lakh Rs 33 lakh Rs 2.37 lakh

Skoda is not offering any cash benefits on the Octavia. The offers on all Skoda models are applicable up to 31 December, 2019. Prices have been rounded off to the nearest thousand and are ex-showroom India.

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