Skoda April 2019 Offers: Discounts on Rapid, Octavia, Superb & Kodiaq

  • Skoda Rapid has multiple discount schemes available for it, depending upon model year.
  • The discounts on the Superb are also categorised between 2018 and 2019 model year.
  • The Kodiaq is being offered with a loyalty bonus of Rs 50,000
  • The Skoda Octavia can be had for Rs 25,000 less, if you already own a Skoda car.

The new financial year has just begun and if you are looking for a deal on a Skoda model, the Czech carmaker is offering deals on all of them. Benefits include Skoda Shield, loyalty bonus and a low rate of interest on EMIs. Take a look below for the offers applicable on individual models.

Skoda Rapid Petrol (Model Year 2018)

The deal is simple if you are looking to buy the petrol Rapid. Skoda is offering its Skoda Shield package free of cost. What it means is that you get complimentary roadside assistance, extended warranty and insurance worth Rs 83,365 on the minimum side. The time period for these services may vary so check with your dealer once. And yes, the Rapid in question will be 2018 model year car.

Skoda Rapid Diesel (Model Year 2018)

For those of you looking to buy the Rapid diesel, the deal pretty much remains the same as the Rapid petrol. However, in case of the diesel, saving are a little less as Skoda is offering only 50 per cent off on the Skoda Shield. What this means is that you will be liable to pay for half the package, which will be around Rs 36,996. Also, the model in question will be 2018.

Skoda Rapid (Current Model Year)

If you are not interested in buying a 2018 model year Rapid, Skoda has got you covered. Skoda is offering a loyalty bonus of Rs 25,000 on 2019 Rapid, which means if you own another Skoda car, you are eligible for this discount. Also, the Czech carmaker is offering a 7.99 per cent rate of interest, which is 2-3 per cent lower than what private banks offer.

Skoda Octavia

Next is the Octavia and Skoda is not offering much in terms of discounts on the sedan. However, if you are an existing Skoda customer, there is a Rs 25,000 loyalty bonus.

Skoda Superb ( Model Year 2018)

For those Superb units that are left in the stockyard from last year, Skoda is offering complimentary Skoda Shield. On the base Style variant, it is worth Rs 1.80 lakh!

Skoda Superb (Current Model Year)

On the current model year Superb, Skoda is offering a flat discount of Rs 50,000 as loyalty bonus.

Skoda Kodiaq

The Kodiaq also has the same offer applicable on it as the current model year Superb. Skoda will reduce Rs 50,000 from the final cost for existing Skoda owners.