The warranty is even available on models that Renault has stopped selling In India like the Fluence sedan and the Koleos SUV

  • The extended warranty package is called R-Secure Anytime Warranty.
  • It can be availed even after the standard or extended warranty has lapsed.
  • Prices of the warranty package differ based on the service history of the vehicle.
  • Major components such as engine, gearbox, steering box, alternator and more are covered under the warranty.

French carmaker Renault is now offering an extended warranty on most of its models, except for the Triber, up to a period of 7 years. The terms of the warranty package are a little different compared to what manufacturers generally offer in India. It is called the R-Secure Anytime Warranty.

It will be available on a year-by-year basis, up until the vehicle is seven years old from the date of delivery. The warranty can be bought even after the standard or extended vehicle warranty has expired (2-year or 50,000km from delivery for all Renault models except the Kwid, which has a 4-year/1 lakh km warranty).

Furthermore, the price of the extended warranty is further segregated. If a Renault vehicle has been serviced according to their guidelines, the price of the warranty package is less. However, if a vehicle has not been serviced according to their given guidelines, the warranty package can still be bought , but at a higher price.

Renault is offering this scheme not only for its current models such as the Kwid, Duster and Lodgy, but also on its discontinued models such as the Scala, Pulse, Fluence and Koleos. The Triber however is not available with this extended warranty package.

Major parts such as the engine, transmission, differential assembly, AC compressor, alternator, steering box, ECM and starter are all covered under the extended warranty.

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