Similarly priced SUVs with different powertrains, but which of them is more efficient?

The Renault Duster is available with a pair of 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines, and both get the option of an automatic gearbox as well. The petrol engine can be had with a CVT, which is offered in the RXS(O) variant priced at Rs 10 lakh (ex-showroom, pan-India). At that price point, it also competes against the petrol-automatic variant of the Hyundai Venue sub-4m SUV, which starts at Rs 9.35 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

We’ve tested both petrol-automatic models, so let’s compare their fuel efficiency in real-world driving conditions.

Renault Duster Hyundai Venue
Engine 1498cc petrol 998cc turbo-petrol
Power 106PS 120PS
Torque 142Nm 172Nm
Transmission CVT 7-speed DCT
Claimed fuel efficiency 15kmpl 18.15kmpl
Tested fuel efficiency (City) 11.68kmpl 10.25kmpl
Tested fuel efficiency (Highway) 14.54kmpl 16.72kmpl

The Duster uses a larger, naturally-aspirated petrol engine as compared to the smaller, turbocharged unit in the Venue. However, the Renault power unit offers less performance and uses a very-different type of automatic transmission to the Venue.

Neither of them can match their claimed ARAI mileage figures, but the Duster was more efficient in city driving while the Venue was more frugal on the highway.

50% in city & 50% on highway 25% in city & 75% on highway 75% in city & 25% on highway
Duster 12.95kmpl 13.7kmpl 12.28kmpl
Venue 12.7kmpl 14.43kmpl 11.34kmpl

In terms of average use cases between city and highway driving, the Renault Duster’s petrol-CVT powertrain with less performance is more fuel efficient when it comes to predominantly city use. The Venue delivers nearly 1kmpl less. But for mainly highway commuting, the downsized engine of the Venue can do around an extra kilometre per litre of fuel as compared to the Duster. When it comes to a balanced amount of city and highway driving, both cars offer very similar mileage, but the Duster just edges past with an extra 0.25kmpl over the Venue.

Our road test team drive cars with a gentle foot while testing them for fuel efficiency, so it’s expected that your figures might deviate from our tested figures since fuel efficiency figures also depend on the driving style, car and road conditions. If you are one of the owners of the Duster petrol-CVT or a Venue petrol-DCT, share your findings with us and other owners in the comments section below.

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