It will be loaded with convenience and connected features like the Hector SUV

The MG RC-6’s exterior design features a mix of sedan, coupe and SUV elements.

Feature highlights include LED lights, sunroof and connected screens on the inside.

Gets connected car technology to control locks, location sharing and music.

It’s powered by a 1.5-litre turbo petrol mated to either a 6-speed MT or a CVT.

If launched, this Camry-sized cross-sedan is expected to be priced in the Corolla’s territory (~ Rs 18 lakh).

MG Motor has built its brand around SUVs but showed intentions of broadening its horizons with the RC-6 sedan at Auto Expo 2020. The RC-6 was first revealed by MG’s sister company, Baojun, at the Chengdu Motor Show in 2019.

The MG RC-6 is an unconventional vehicle that bears a sedan body style but with a few SUV traits thrown in the mix. Its roofline has a coupe-like drop towards the rear as well. In terms of size, it’s massive as the following numbers suggest.

Aspect China-spec MG RC-6 Honda Accord Camry Hybrid Skoda Superb
Length 4925mm 4933mm 4885mm 4861mm
Width 1880mm 1849mm 1840mm 1864mm
Height 1580mm 1464mm 1455mm 1483mm
Wheelbase 2800mm 2776mm 2825mm 2841mm

The China-spec MG RC-6 is only slightly behind the Accord in terms of length whereas in width and height, it has a significant edge over the others. It has quite a sprawling wheelbase but is 25mm and 41mm behind the Camry and Superb, respectively. But, its party trick is the 198mm of ground clearance which not only betters its sedan rivals but touches SUV territory.

The MG RC-6 gets a Hector-like massive, black, perforated grille flanked by LED headlights with DRLs. At the rear, it gets side-swept tail lights split by the tailgate.

In terms of features, it gets a sunroof, two connected screens for the infotainment unit and the instrument cluster, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, leatherette touchpoints, and contrast stitching. It also gets connected car tech that allows real time location sharing, remote lock, unlock along with voice command to control AC, windows, sunroof and music.

Powering the MG RC-6 is a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine that delivers 147PS/245Nm. Transmission options include a 6-speed manual and a CVT.

Expect MG to focus on SUVs at least for this year. So expect the RC-6’s MG counterpart to launch in India sometime in 2021. This Skoda Superb-sized sedan is likely to undercut its competition with prices expected to range around the Rs 20 lakh mark.