The smallest modular platform from the TNGA series has been revealed

The TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform underpins cars such as the Corolla and Camry as well as some Lexus offerings.

GA-B platform is its smallest iteration of the TNGA meant to underpin the next generation of compact cars from Toyota.

It could debut with the launch of the Yaris, which is globally available in hatchback as well as sedan body shells.

The GA-B platform focuses on improving the driving experience and maximising cabin space.

It could spawn a variety of small models with differing body types, suspension and powertrains.

Toyota’s latest cars are underpinned by its modular platform called Toyota’s New Global Architecture or TNGA. The latest iteration of the platform is the GA-B which will form the basis of the brand’s small cars, probably starting with the Yaris.

Toyota has been using several iterations of the TNGA platform, including the GA-C, GA-K, GA-N and GA-L. The GA-C platform underpins the likes of the latest Corolla, Prius and the C-HR while the new Camry and RAV4 are built on the GA-K platform. The GA-N and GA-L platforms underpin bigger luxury vehicles and Lexus offerings in the global market.

The GA-B is built to introduce the same qualities as other TNGA platforms but in a smaller package. It aims to deliver a better driving experience over the previous B platform, maximise interior space and position the driver seat to reduce the vehicle’s centre of gravity. The GA-B platform also offers lower and wider models, so expect a relatively improved driving experience from the cars based on this platform.

The fact that it is a modular platform means the GA-B can spawn a variety of small car body types with differing wheelbase lengths, vehicle heights and track widths. The next-gen Yaris is likely to be the first model based on the new GA-B platform.

In international markets, the Yaris is offered in two body types – a hatchback and a sedan (Yaris Ativ). However, Toyota is unlikely to bring the next-gen Yaris sedan to India and might borrow the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz to fulfill that role in the compact sedan segment.