Electric smart tractor company Monarch Tractor has revealed new electric robot tractors that are powered by AI (artificial intelligence) chips of Nvidia.

At a launch event, the tractor company unveiled the first of six Founder Series MK-V tractors and revealed that Constellation Brands, a leading wine and spirits producer and beer importer, will be its first customer, said Nvidia in a blogpost on Thursday.

In order to help farmers in lowering their carbon footprint, enhance field safety, streamline agricultural operations, and boost their bottom lines, the tractor combines electrification, automation, and data analysis.

The MK-V tractor lowers energy costs and diesel emissions, as well as, helps to reduce harmful herbicides, which are expensive and erode the soil.

“With precision ag (agriculture), autonomy and AI, data will decrease the volume of chemicals used, which is good for the soil, good for the farmer from a profitability standpoint, and good for the consumer,” said Praveen Penmetsa, CEO, Monarch Tractor.

“Monarch is a member of the NVIDIA Inception program, which provides startups with technology support and AI platforms guidance,” Nvidia said.

The MK-V, which delivers advances in battery performance, receives energy-efficient computing from the NVIDIA Jetson platform.

With the help of Jetson, Monarch has created tractors that can safely navigate rows of crops using only cameras.

“It’s crucial for safety as the Monarch is intended for totally driverless operation,” Penmetsa said.

The Founder Series MK-V features two 3D (three dimensions) cameras and six standard cameras.

The tractor also offers features including, sending alerts when on a low charge or there’s an unidentified object obstructing a path.

Moreover, it will shut down from spraying if its camera-based vision platform identifies a human.

Source – IANS