This is MG’s latest attempt at creating a robust charging infrastructure in the country for its upcoming first-ever EV in India

MG Motor is all set to launch its ZS EV in India in December 2019. It is the brand’s first EV for the Indian market and the second product overall after the Hector.

The partnership comes after the government announced the need to create charging amenities for customers in public places.

The aim of the partnership is to help customers set up charging infrastructure for their EVs at home.

MG has already partnered with Fortum and Delta Electronics India to support the fast-charging and slow-charging segments respectively.

The Delhi-based startup, eChargeBays, will also be launching a series of service solutions to ease the process of EV charging for customers.

Have a look at the press release from the carmaker:

New Delhi, Oct. 16: In an industry-shaping development, MG Motor India has today announced its partnership with eChargeBays, a Delhi-based start-up, to assist its customers with last-mile assistance in setting up infrastructure at their home for charging their EV.

As part of the partnership, MG will send experts to identify the best way in which MG ZS EV buyers can install an EV charger at home. The move comes ahead of the MG ZS EV launch in December 2019.

Speaking on the collaboration, Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, “The government’s recent announcement around creating charging amenities for customers at public places is a positive step for the EV industry. Our latest association is aimed at supporting the government’s EV vision by providing a viable residential EV charging infrastructure. It also highlights MG’s commitment towards going the extra mile and delivering a convenient ownership experience for its EV customers. This partnership is yet another step towards driving EV adoption in the country.”

MG’s partnership with eChargeBays is the latest in a series of alliances with EV charging players aimed at creating a robust charging infrastructure in the country. As part of its commitment to creating an ecosystem for EVs and drive EV adoption in India, the company has already partnered with Fortum and Delta Electronics India for the fast charging and slow charging segments, respectively.

Speaking on the association, Rajesh Singh, Founder & CEO, eChargeBays, said, “Most prospective EV buyers are hesitant on account of the limited charging infrastructure available. We aim to provide Indian car owners with a robust and safe one-stop solution for their home charging-related needs using our homeCharge solution. Apart from this, eChargeBays will also launch a series of service solutions in the charging infra space which would aim at providing a seamless EV charging experience to EV customers.”

MG’s efforts to create the right ecosystem for EVs are part of its long-term commitment to bring environment friendly mobility solutions in the country and are aligned with the government’s vision to encourage EV adoption in India to bring about a material improvement in air quality.

The MG ZS EV is a global product that combines MG’s experience in EV manufacturing with best-in-class technology and design. MG ZS has already received exceptional response in international markets, having secured 2,000 orders within two months of its UK launch.