Unlike the automobile sector as a whole, the mid-size SUV segment has seen a spike in demand of almost 25 per cent compared to last month

  • The MG Hector bettered its August numbers despite bookings being closed for almost two months.
  • XUV500 came in second despite being one of the oldest models in the segment.
  • The Tata Harrier’s sales figures are a far cry from what they were earlier this year.
  • Jeep’s Compass posted similar results as August 2019, but numbers are down compared to the results from the past six months.
  • Tata sold 12 more units of Hexa compared to the previous month, with total sales being below 150 units.
  • Hyundai’s Tucson is the only SUV in the segment not to go past the 100 unit milestone.

The mid-size SUV segment has seen a couple of new additions in 2019 and this has led to renewed interest in this space despite the slowdown in the Indian automobile industry. While most manufacturers have reported a drop in sales figures, there have been a few who have managed to buck the trend. Yes, we are talking about MG Motor and it’s first-ever SUV in India, the Hector, which outsold every other mid-size SUV last month. Take a look

Mid-size SUVs
Sept 2019 August 2019 MoM Growth Market share current(%) Market share (% last year) YoY mkt share (%) Average sales (6 months)
MG Hector 2608 2018 29.23 47.43 0 47.43 588
Mahindra XUV500 1120 968 15.7 20.37 48.01 -27.64 1305
Tata Harrier 941 635 48.18 17.11 0 17.11 1490
Jeep Compass 603 605 -0.33 10.96 30.19 -19.23 921
Tata Hexa 148 136 8.82 2.69 17.47 -14.78 251
Hyundai Tucson 78 58 34.48 1.41 4.31 -2.9 83
Total 5498 4420 24.38 52.54

MG Hector: The Hector is the most recent addition to the segment and despite the British carmaker closing its bookings for a period of almost two months, the Hector has bettered its August sales figure by more than 500 units. The Hector now commands a market share of just under 50 per cent, making it the leader of the mid-size SUV segment which also comprises of the Tata Harrier, Jeep Compass and Mahindra XUV500.

Mahindra XUV500: The XUV500 has been around the longest when you look at the competition and its presence in the market for so long is certainly one of the reasons it has locked down the second spot in the sales chart for September. Despite a slump in the industry, the XUV500 has bettered its April numbers by more than 15 per cent. However, it isn’t entirely unaffected in this scenario as compared to its average monthly sales over the past six months, its sales are down by almost a couple of hundred units.

Tata Harrier: The Harrier’s numbers have taken a big hit compared to when it was launched at the start of the year. This is evident by comparing its average monthly sales over the last six months, which nearly touch 1,500 unit mark when compared to its September sales, which sit below the 1,000 unit mark. However, compared to its August sales figures (635 units), the Harrier has bounced back a bit. It remains to be seen if Tata’s new variants of the Harrier and additional warranty packages will help in bringing customers back to the showroom.

Jeep Compass: The Compass was selling like hot cakes when it was first launched in India a couple of years ago, but new products such as the Hector and Harrier have made a dent in its sales numbers. Comparing its average monthly sales over the past six months to its September sales, there is a reduction of more than 30 per cent, which can be chalked down to the entry of new arrivals. Currently, the Compass holds a market share of just under 11 per cent.

Tata Hexa: This is the second Tata on the list and despite being a capable product, its sales are below the 200 unit mark! This is simply because of the fact that the newer products in the segment have reduced the appeal of the Hexa. The only plus point of the Hexa at this price point is that it offers a 4×4 system at an affordable price point. However, most car buyers in the segment are certainly not looking to go off-road with their SUVs.

Hyundai Tucson: Hyundai has enjoyed immense success in the mass-market segment. However, its more pricey offerings have not been able to impress Indian car buyers. And the Tucson just reiterates this point. It did manage to better its August numbers, but only by 20 units. What’s more, it still did not cross the 100 unit mark.

Total: In total, the mid-size SUV segment saw sales figures rise when compared to the previous month. However, this is mainly because of the Hector, which has been able to attract customers with the plethora of features it has to offer.

Source :- CarDekho.com