Apart from the Hyundai Tucson, every other mid-size SUV crossed the 100-unit sales figure in October

  • The MG Hector bettered its September sales figure by almost 1,000 units.
  • Mahindra shipped over 1,300 units of the XUV500, making it the second most popular mid-size SUV in October.
  • As for the Tata Harrier, its month-on-month sales figure witnessed a growth of almost 34 per cent.
  • The Hyundai Tucson failed to cross the 100-unit mark yet again.
  • Overall, the segment witnessed a growth of almost 35 per cent.

If we were to sum up 2019, we’d have to say that it was the year of the SUV. Even though the Indian automotive industry has been going through the worst slowdown in recent history, a couple of SUVs bucked the trend during the festive season. Let’s take a look at how each model fared in the month of October:

Mid-size SUVs
October 2019 Sept 2019 MoM Growth Market share current(%) Market share (% last year) YoY mkt share (%) Average sales (6 months)
Hyundai Tucson 83 78 6.41 1.13 2.17 -1.04 71
Jeep Compass 854 603 41.62 11.63 27.77 -16.14 782
Mahindra XUV500 1378 1120 23.03 18.77 52.06 -33.29 1173
Tata Harrier 1258 941 33.68 17.14 0 17.14 1231
Tata Hexa 229 148 54.72 3.12 17.99 -14.87 215
MG Hector 3536 2608 35.58 48.18 0 48.18 1022
Total 7338 5498 33.46 99.97

MG Hector: The Hector continues to command the highest market share at a little over 48 per cent. Its month-on-month sales jumped up by over 35 per cent and it even managed to better its September figures by almost 1,000 units.

Mahindra XUV500: One of the oldest SUVs in the mid-size segment, the XUV500 managed to grab the second spot in terms of sales figures in October 2019. Mahindra managed to ship 1,300-odd units of the SUV, but its market share took the worst blow when compared to last year. It has gone down from 52 per cent to almost 19 per cent.

Tata Harrier: Tata is the only brand to offer two SUVs in the mid-size category. The Harrier witnessed a growth of nearly 34 per cent when compared to the previous month. Yet, it commands a market share of a little more than 17 per cent. Tata was able to ship a couple of extra units of the Harrier as compared to its average monthly sales over the past six months.

Jeep Compass: When comparing its MoM figures, the Compass witnessed a growth of almost 42 per cent. That said, it failed to cross the 1,000-unit sales mark in October. This is largely because of the fact that new entrants like the Hector and Harrier have eaten into its sales figures. Hence, it is the second most affected SUV in terms of year-on-year market share.

Tata Hexa: Tata was able to ship only 229 units of the Hexa even though it witnessed the best growth in terms of month-on-month figures. Currently, the Hexa commands a market share stands of 3.12 per cent.

Hyundai Tucson: The Tucson is the least preferred mid-size SUV and commands a market share of a mere 1.13 per cent. Hyundai shipped 83 units of the Tucson last month, which is 12 more units when compared to its average monthly sales over the past six months. Also, it did manage to better its September numbers, but only by five units.

Source :- CarDekho.com