Luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz India has decided to produce its high-end performance AMG vehicles sub-brand in India.

The company will soon roll-out the made-in-India ‘AMG GLC 43 4MATIC Coupe’.

Mercedes-Benz’s sub-brand having a wide portfolio of performance limousines, performance SUVs, SUV Coupes, and sports car in its wide portfolio in India, AMG has a dedicated retail presence through the ‘AMG Performance Centres’ located across Indian metros.

The AMG performance vehicles were introduced in 2010 in India, are currently imported as CBU (Completely Built Units).

At present, the AMG portfolio in India comprises the 43, 53, 63, and GT series of high performance vehicles across different body shapes.

“The decision to locally produce AMG in India underlines Mercedes-Benz’s clear roadmap for the Indian market and our long-term commitment to our Indian customers,” said Martin Schwenk, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.

“We want AMG to be more accessible to the potential customers and play a bigger role in our overall portfolio we offer in India. This decision is an important milestone towards strengthening our AMG ambitions in India further.”

According to Schwenk, the AMG GLC 43 4MATIC Coupe is one of the highest-selling AMG models in India.

“We are confident, the launch of the locally produced AMG GLC 43 4MATIC Coupe will drive in value and aspiration for our customers and help the dynamic SUV Coupe retain its top preference among the discerning AMG customers,” Schwenk said.


Source:- IANS