Luxury German automaker Mercedes-Benz, renewable energy company MN8 and electric vehicle infrastructure company ChargePoint have partnered to install 400 fast electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs across the US.

The aim of the project is to boost EV sales and improve the nation’s struggling EV charging infrastructure, reports The Verge.

The expected $1 billion project cost will be split equally between Mercedes and MN8.

From this year, the companies will start to construct hundreds of new hubs, which will include more than 2,500 direct current (DC) fast-charging plugs.

“This is for us a strategic decision to really put our money where our mouth is,” Ola Kallenius, CEO of Mercedes-Benz, said in a briefing with reporters.

“And back up the direction that we’re already taking over the last few years, pivoting towards electric and putting the company in a position by the end of this decade to be able to serve markets with an all-electric lineup,” Kallenius added.

According to the companies, the Mercedes-ChargePoint EV charging hubs will be located in “key cities and urban population centres, along major highway corridors and close to convenient retail and service destinations.”

Source : IANS