The Raize is a feature-rich sub-4 metre offering whereas the Vitara Brezza is more of a jack of all trades. Here’s why

Toyota recently launched the Raize in Japan. Due to it being a sub-4 metre SUV, Indian car buyers have shown a great interest in it. While Toyota has confirmed to us that the Raize will not be coming to India, the sub-4 metre offering from the Japanese carmaker has drawn a lot of attention in India.

Although we won’t get the Raize in India, Toyota will launch a sub-4m SUV based on the second-gen Vitara Brezza in 2022. And we believe that the Raize could inspire the SUV that Maruti Suzuki and Toyota will co-develop given its sub-4m footprints. Meanwhile, let us see how the Japan-spec Toyota Raize stacks up against the current Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

Let us take a look at their dimensions first.


Measurement Toyota Raize Maruti Vitara Brezza
Length 3995mm 3995mm
Width 1695mm 1790mm
Height 1620mm 1640mm
Wheelbase 2525mm 2500mm
Min. ground clearance 185mm 198mm(unladen)
Boot space 369 litres 328 litres

Both cars are equally long but the Vitara Brezza is considerably wider. It is also a little bit taller than the Raize. However, the Raize strikes back by having a longer wheelbase and surprisingly more boot space. The Vitara Brezza offers better ground clearance than the Raize.

Now, let us compare the powertrain setup of the two.

Toyota Raize Maruti Vitara Brezza
Engine Displacement 1.0-litre turbo-petrol 1.3-litre diesel
Max Power 98PS 90PS
Peak Torque 140Nm 200Nm
Transmission CVT 5-speed MT/AMT
Drivetrain 2WD/4WD 2WD only
The Raize is offered with a turbocharged petrol engine whereas the Vitara Brezza is a diesel-only offering. Thus, the Raize is more powerful but the Vitara Brezza has more torque to offer. Toyota’s Raize is offered only with a CVT gearbox whereas the Vitara Brezza can be had with a manual or an AMT transmission. One thing that does set the Raize apart is the fact that it is offered with both four- and two-wheel drive drivetrains. The Vitara Brezza is only available with a two-wheel drive option.


The Toyota Raize and Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza get features such as auto AC, keyless entry, push button start, steering mounted audio controls and a touchscreen with Apple CarPlay connectivity.

However, the Raize gets a few more features that sets it apart from the Vitara Brezza and other sub-4 metre SUVs sold in India. They include an all-digital instrument cluster, heated front seats, LED headlights and dynamic turn indicators to name a few.

If you are worried about safety, Toyota has thrown in features such as ABS with EBD, hill-start assist, lane assist, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, a 360 degree camera, autonomous braking and the lot. Safe to say, some of these features are quite advanced and will not even work properly in India.


Toyota Raize Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza
Price Range Rs 10.96 lakh to Rs 14.89 lakh (1,679,000 Yen to 2,282,200 Yen) Rs 7.62 lakh to Rs 10.64 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi)


However, the Raize will not be coming to India. Instead, the Japanese carmaker will bring the next-gen Vitara Brezza-based sub-4 metre SUV to India as part of its joint venture with Suzuki. Another reason that the Raize is not suitable for the Indian market is its high price tag. At its price, it will compete with SUVs a segment above that might not have the same features, but offer a lot more space inside the cabin.

What do you think about the Raize? Do you think if Toyota were to bring it to India, people would actually be interested in buying one? Let us know in the comments below.

The Raize is not available in India and if we directly convert its Yen price to INR, it is considerably more expensive than the Vitara Brezza. It is, however, a more premium offering than the Vitara Brezza and the advanced features justify the price tag.