How spacious is the Renault Triber when compared to its prime competitors?

The Renault Triber is the only car in its segment that offers three rows of seating. Its priced in the range of Rs 4.95 lakh to Rs 6.63 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and it locks horns with the Maruti Swift, Hyundai Grand i10 Nios and the Ford Figo. Its top variant is cheaper than all of the aforementioned cars but does that mean it skimps on space? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.


Measurement Renault Triber Maruti Swift Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Ford Figo
Length 3990 3840 3805 3941
Width 1739 1735 1680 1704
Height 1643 1530 1520 1525
Wheelbase 2636 2450 2450 2490
Boot space 84-625 litres 268 litres 260 litres 257 litres
  • The Triber is the longest, tallest and widest when compared to its competition.
  • Its wheelbase is also the highest by a fair margin. The boot space is a sparse 84 litres with all three rows up but when you fold the last row, it spikes up to a massive 625 litres.
  • All other hatchbacks have closely matched dimensions but it’s the Figo that has the highest wheelbase among them.
Measurement (in mm) Renault Triber Maruti Swift Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Ford Figo
Legroom (min-max) 930-1080 880-960 915-1045 1070-1265
Kneeroom(min-max) 635-830 620-760 580-785 685-875
Headroom(min-max) 945-975 920-1005 885-995 945-1030
Seat base length 485 480 500 530
Seat base width 480 475 480 505
Seat base height 640 615 615 635
Cabin width 1315 1330 1320 1375
  • Front row occupants in the Triber have the second-highest legroom, knee room and headroom behind the Figo.
  • The Ford Figo is by far the roomiest offering if you spend most of your time driving or in the front passenger seat.
  • In terms of the seat base, width and height, they are almost neck and neck.
  • The Maruti Swift and Grand i10 Nios have identical seat base size (width and height) and cabin width.

Second-Row Space

Measurement (in mm) Renault Triber Maruti Swift Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Ford Figo
Shoulder room 1300 1265 1240 1320
Headroom 980 920 960 960
Kneeroom (min-max) 485-850 590-825 610-830 825-905
Seat base width 1195 1275 1210 1270
Seat base length 445 460 460 480
Seat back height 610 590 600 605
  • Seating three abreast in the Triber and Figo is easier compared to the Grand i10 Nios and Swift.
  • Taller passengers will find the Triber better but those with longer legs will feel more comfortable in the Figo.
  • Kneeroom is the highest in Figo followed by the Triber, Grand i10 Nios and Swift.

Third Row Space

Measurement (in mm) Renault Triber
Shoulder room 1050
Headroom 885
Seat base width 1080
Seat base length 440
Seat base Height 555
Kneeroom (min-max) 580-730
Seat base height from floor 320
  • Only the Triber gets a third row. What’s more, it’s quite usable for even adults. There’s healthy shoulder room, headroom and knee room on offer as well.
  • However, the third row might not be the best bet for bigger than average-sized passengers.
  • The Triber’s modularity also comes in handy here as you can remove the third row altogether to free up a massive 625 litres (up from 84 litres) of boot space.

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