We find out if the value-for-money

Ciaz can be more spacious than the Verna and City

The Ciaz is bigger overall than the City and Verna in exterior dimensions.

The Verna is the most spacious in terms of legroom for front occupants.

The City offers more legroom and kneeroom for rear occupants.

The Ciaz is somewhere in the middle when it comes to space in the rear row while offering more headroom up front.

While the compact SUV market continues to gain popularity, many still opt for compact sedans as a comfortable family car with plenty of boot space. In this segment, the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Honda City and Hyundai Verna are the most popular choices and compete quite closely with each other in terms of what they offer. Here’s how these cars compare in terms of exterior dimensions:

Dimensions Maruti Ciaz Honda City Hyundai Verna
Length 4490mm 4440mm 4440mm
Width 1730mm 1695mm 1729mm
Height 1485mm 1495mm 1475mm
Wheelbase 2650mm 2600mm 2600mm
Boot Space 510 litres 510 litres 480 litres

The Ciaz is 50mm longer than the City and Verna with the exact same amount of luggage space as the City. The Hyundai Verna is the shortest in height and has the smallest boot of the lot. But it matches the City in terms of length and is near-similar in width to the Maruti. But how does the extra width and longer wheelbase of the Ciaz translate into space inside the car? Let’s find out.

Front Row

Despite the narrower dimensions, the Honda City has the widest cabin of the lot. Even its seat bases are widest in class. The Ciaz is shorter in height but it has the most headroom to offer. In terms of legroom and kneeroom, the Verna has more space to offer at both extremes of the seat position with a taller seat back than both the Ciaz and City.

Dimensions (mm) Maruti Ciaz 2018 Honda City Hyundai Verna
Cabin width 1365mm 1390mm 1385mm
Headroom 890-965mm (driver) 865-960mm (driver) 880-960mm (driver)
Legroom 910-1070mm 980-1200mm 1030-1270mm
Kneeroom 565-785mm 580-800mm 600-815mm
Seat base length 495mm 510mm 510mm
Seat base width 490mm 510mm 500mm
Seat back height 610mm 580mm 640mm

Rear Row

The back seat of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz has the most headroom and shoulder room while the Verna is the least spacious in those parameters. In terms of kneeroom, the Honda City has significantly more to offer with a wider seat base. The Hyundai sedan has the longest seat base and the tallest back seats, which should be more comfortable over longer journeys. However, the rear row of the Verna is the least spacious, while the City is the most spacious and the Ciaz takes the middle ground.

2018 Maruti Ciaz Vs Honda City, Hyundai Verna & Others: Specs Comparison

Dimensions (mm) Maruti Ciaz 2018 Honda City Hyundai Verna
Headroom 905mm 895mm 875mm
Shoulder-room 1335mm 1325mm 1315mm
Kneeroom 710-920mm 790-1000mm 600-840mm
Seat base length 460mm 480mm 490mm
Seat base width 1285mm 1300mm 1260mm
Seat back height 635mm 615mm 695mm

Overall, the Ciaz may be larger in proportions than the City and Verna, but both rivals offer more space on the inside. While the Verna is the most spacious up front, the City offers plenty of space for both front and rear passengers. The Honda City, however, has a more premium price tag, ranging between Rs 9.72 lakh to Rs 14.07 lakh, while the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz costs between Rs 8.2 lakh to 11.38 lakh. The Hyundai Verna manages to offer variants at both ends of the competition as it is priced between Rs 8.09 lakh to Rs 14.05 lakh (all prices, ex-showroom Delhi).

Source – Cardekho.com