Barring the Hyundai Verna, none of the cars in this segment saw a MoM drop in demand.

Compact sedan sales are up by almost 10 per cent compared to April 2019.

All sedans, apart from Verna, see an increase in MoM demand.

Ciaz’s MoM demand rose by almost 30 per cent in May.

Vento’s MoM sales doubled in May.

VW Group’s segment share rose to over 10 per cent.

While automobile sales are on a decline on the whole, the compact sedan segment, in particular, saw an increase in MoM demand in May 2019. The demand for compact cars in general grew by almost 10 per cent in May with the total monthly sales crossing the 10,000 units mark. Let’s take a look at model-wise sales figures for a better understanding of the demand in the segment.

Compact sedans

May-19 Apr-19 MoM Growth Market share current(%) Market share (% last year) YoY mkt share (%) Average sales (6 months)
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz 3592 2789 28.79 34.28 27.1 7.18 3468
Hyundai Verna 2567 2932 -12.44 24.5 25.6 -1.1 2869
Honda City 2557 2394 6.8 24.4 18.61 5.79 3301
Skoda Rapid 734 721 1.8 7 5.86 1.14 800
Volkswagen Vento 654 337 94.06 6.24 3.67 2.57 488
Toyota Yaris 373 354 5.36 3.56 19.14 -15.58 358
Total 10477 9527 9.97


Ciaz leads segment sales in May by a considerable margin: The top spot in the compact sedan segment is a highly contested one between three sedans — Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Hyundai Verna and Honda City. Many a times we’ve seen sales of the top three cars separated by not more than three-digit numbers, but the Ciaz led the segment in May 2019 with a significant margin of over 1000 units over the Verna.

There’s a tie for the second spot, well almost..: It doesn’t get closer than this. The difference in sales between the Verna, which is at the second spot, and the City, which is at the third spot, is only 10 units. While the City’s sales picked up in the month of May, the Verna saw a significant 12.44 per cent drop in demand. Do you think the Venue would have affected even the Verna’s demand? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

A good month for the VW Group: While the Rapid and Vento continue to remain in the bottom three, these cars enjoyed a market share of over 10 per cent. So, one in every 10 compact sedans sold in India in May was from the VW Group. Sales of the Vento saw a significant jump, much like the Polo, thanks to the introduction of Cup Edition models, but this could be temporary.

Yaris at the bottom again: The demand for the Toyota Yaris went up in April and that saw it move up ahead of the Vento. A surge of almost 100 per cent in the Vento’s demand, however, meant that the Yaris was back at the bottom. The silver lining for the Toyota, however, is that its MoM demand went up in May as it registered higher numbers than its average monthly sales for the last six months.

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