The S-Presso is a shot of adrenaline for those looking to buy something funky while staying in the Alto K10’s price range. Here’s what we think of the color options

The recently launched Maruti S-Presso, which is priced between Rs 3.69 lakh and Rs 4.91 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi), is a good option for those looking to buy a funky-looking car with an SUV-like stance. But which colour should you pick? We help you decide.

Solid Sizzle Orange

This is the colour that Maruti has been highlighting and it does emphasise the features of the car well. Its tallboy stance, lines on the body and design elements make people take notice. It is safe to say, this shade of orange will stand out no matter which variant of the S-Presso you pick.


Solid Superior White

There are hardly any cars in India that are not offered in a shade of white and the S-Presso is no exception. Though the white shade dulls the appearance of the body, it brings the focus on the design elements such as the chrome front grille, headlamps and huge black-and-white bumper. We recommend this colour only if you’re going for a higher-spec variant, or else you’ll end up with a rather dull-looking S-Presso.

Metallic Silky Silver

While white makes the S-Presso look a little dull, the metallic silky silver shade makes it look sober, and in a good way. It’s not going to be noticed by everyone but look at it for a little while and you will realise the silver highlights all the design elements, without shouting about its presence. This is the perfect colour for you if you like your car to look good without being too in your face. An added plus here is that the chrome front grille goes really well with this shade of silver.

Solid Fire Red

Picking between this red and the orange is just going to be about which hue you prefer. Both stand out equally on the road, although, the red does mask a few lines on the body of the S-Presso. This colour will also look good on most variants of the S-Presso, particularly ones with fewer design elements on the outside. For example, the red looks good with the chrome grille, and will even go with non-body coloured elements on the lower variants.

Metallic Granite Grey

If you are one of those who just can’t stand looking at the huge black bits on the bumpers of the S-Presso but are still looking to buy one, this is the colour for you. The colour of the body closely resembles that of the bumpers, making it look like an extension of the body colour. Even if the difference is noticeable, it looks like a two-tone colour scheme of similar shades, which are pleasing to the eye. If you ask us, this is our favourite colour of the lot.

Pearl Starry Blue

While this shade of blue stands out, it’s not too loud like the orange. If you want a colour that stands out in a crowd without looking too outrageous, this is your best bet. However, with non-body coloured elements such as the ORVMs and door handles, we don’t expect this colour to look too good. So, stick to the higher variants if you’re going for this shade of blue.