Maruti claims a fuel efficiency figure of 21.7kmpl for the S-Presso petrol manual. But does it deliver as much in the real world?

Maruti launched the S-Presso in September 2019 with a BS6-compliant 1.0-litre petrol engine. The carmaker offers it with either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed AMT gearbox. We have already tested the AMT version for its fuel efficiency, so let’s now see how true the manual version stays to its claimed fuel efficiency.

Before that here are the engine specs, the claimed fuel efficiency and the results we achieved:

Engine Displacement 1.0-litre
Power 68PS
Torque 90Nm
Transmission 5-speed MT
Claimed fuel efficiency 21.7kmpl
Tested fuel efficiency (city) 19.33kmpl
Tested fuel efficiency (highway) 21.88kmpl

While the S-Presso couldn’t match its claimed fuel efficiency figure in the city, its fuel efficiency on the highway bettered the claimed figure by 0.18kmpl.

Now, let’s see how it performed in mixed driving conditions:

Mileage City:Highway (50:50) City:Highway (25:75) City:Highway (75:25)
20.52kmpl 21.18kmpl 19.91kmpl

If you use the S-Presso majorly in the city, expect it to return an average mileage of 20kmpl. In case your major usage of the hatchback involves travelling outside the city, the overall efficiency should go up by around 1.2kmpl. For those whose commute is equally split between the city and highway, the fuel efficiency could hover around 20kmpl.

It is important to note that these figures are indicative, bound to change depending on the road, climate and car conditions along with the vehicle’s health. If you own an S-Presso petrol manual, do share your findings with us in the comments.