It will be built on a dedicated EV platform unlike the Soul EV and Niro EV

  • Kia plans to offer a total of 11 EVs by 2025.
  • The new EV will be a crossover with over 500km of range.
  • Future EV models will feature variable electrical systems for fast charging under 30 minutes.
  • Kia to continue launching ICE models in India with the possibility of an EV model in the near future.

At a recent organisational event, Kia announced its new strategy to spearhead its transition to electric mobility solutions until 2025, dubbed ‘Plan S’. Among the various targets for the company’s future plans, Kia will be introducing its first dedicated EV model in 2021.

The current line of Kia’s EV models like the Soul EV and Niro EV are based on regular petrol and diesel-powered models. However, the Korean carmaker is working on developing a dedicated battery-powered EV model with its own platform and specialised design. Kia has stated that this EV will feature a crossover design and make its global debut in 2021.

The new EV will offer a range of over 500 kilometres with a fast charging time of under 20 minutes. Kia plans to have an EV lineup of 11 models by 2025, some of which will be derivatives of existing models. The Kia EVs will offer dual fast charging capabilities using either 400V or 800V electrical systems. Given that Kia has investments in Rimac, it is possible that some of its latest EV technology will come from the Croatian brand as well.

Kia hopes that its EV lineup will account for 20 per cent of its total sales by 2025. The Korean carmaker will be looking to offer EVs via a tailored subscription model as well. India will likely be part of Kia’s EV plans, so expect to see some of them arrive on our shores in the near future. Meanwhile, the brand will focus on growing its ICE model lineup in India with the aim to utilise its local production capacity of 3 lakh units a year.