Which one of these two SUVs with petrol-DCT combination offers the best of both worlds?

We have already tested the manual turbo-petrol units of these two rookie sensations where the Kia Seltos took the win home. But what happens when you throw a dual-clutch automatic transmission in the equation? We went looking for answers, again. Before we proceed, let’s take a look at the spec-sheet for better perspective:

MG Hector Kia Seltos
Displacement 1.5-litre turbo-petrol hybrid 1.4-litre turbo petrol
Power 143PS 140PS
Torque 250Nm 242Nm
Transmission 6-speed DCT 7-speed DCT
Claimed FE 13.96kmpl 16.8kmpl
Emission Type BS4 BS6

Both the MG Hector and the Kia Seltos are closely matched but the latter’s transmission has an extra cog to engage. The Kia’s engine is not only BS6-compliant but also has a healthy lead in terms of claimed fuel efficiency.

Performance Comparison

Acceleration and Kickdown:

0-100kmph 20-80kmph
MG Hector (Wet) 13.79 seconds 8.55 seconds
Kia Seltos 9.51 seconds 5.47 seconds

Yes, the Hector is well behind the Seltos but we have to keep in mind that the former was tested on wet roads. The Seltos is almost four seconds quicker to a ton and almost 3 seconds ahead when you want to overtake.

Braking Distance

100-0kmph 80-0kmph
MG Hector (Wet) 45.20m 28.52m
Kia Seltos 40.93m 25.51m

Since, the Hector was tested in wet conditions, its braking figures are a bit behind the Seltos. Interestingly, as the numbers suggest, the Seltos DCT halts just a tiny bit earlier than the manual variant. In the last test, the Hector MT and the Seltos MT were closely matched with a difference of just a metre. Would the numbers have been the same if the Hector DCT was tested in similar conditions as the Seltos DCT? Let us know in the comments.

Fuel Efficiency Comparison

Claimed (ARAI) Highway (Tested) City (Tested)
MG Hector 13.96kmpl 12.25kmpl 8.61kmpl
Kia Seltos 16.8kmpl 17.3kmpl 11.42kmpl

The Seltos’ claimed number is at least 3kmpl higher than the Hector’s. But where the Seltos managed to surpass the claimed number, the Hector was under it by around 1.5kmpl. City efficiency of both the vehicles were hit but Hector’s single-digit figure is not something you’d like in your fuel claims. Even in this aspect, the Seltos beats the Hector hands down!

Usage 50 % Highway, 50% City 25% Highway, 75% City 75% Highway, 25% City
MG Hector 9.81kmpl 9.17kmpl 10.55kmpl
Kia Seltos 13.75kmpl 12.48kmpl 15.32kmpl

If you look at case-wise scenarios, the Seltos shines and how. It will consistently maintain more than 12kmpl even with heavy city usage and can even go up to 15.32kmpl if you drive on the highways often. The Hector, on the other hand, can only go beyond the 10kmpl threshold if you primarily use long, wide, clean stretches of roads with less traffic.


The Hector and Seltos aren’t exactly similar and there are a lot of differences in terms of size and weight that affect the performance and fuel efficiency. Both cars would appeal to a different audience. Having said that, if you’re looking for a performance-oriented, slightly frugal SUV then it’s the Seltos that should be parked in your garage.

Source :- CarDekho.com