New UConnect 5 infotainment system is smarter with added convenience over the current UConnect 4

  • Jeep falls under the FCA conglomerate which uses UConnect infotainment systems.
  • New UConnect 5 infotainment system will come with larger 12.3-inch touchscreen displays in various aspect ratios.
  • It has more processing power, updated voice command interface and satellite navigation prepared for electrified FCA models.
  • The UConnect 5 will be offered in various capacities across brands in the upcoming models.
  • Expect the larger touchscreen infotainment system to arrive in India with the next Compass update and new 7-seater SUV.

All brands directly under the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles conglomerate, including Jeep, use a common infotainment system called the UConnect. Now, there is a new generation called UConnect 5 which will be offered across all existing and upcoming Jeep models as well as other cars and SUVs from other FCA brands.

The current UConnect 4 gets up to 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which is currently offered on almost all FCA models including the Jeep Compass. However, the new-gen infotainment system will offer touchscreen with sizes ranging up to 12.3-inches in varying aspect ratios for different designs. It features a more powerful processor for the Android operating system with 6GB RAM and up to 64GB of flash memory.

The new UConnect gets feature additions like a new voice recognition software with natural voice capability. It also gets a new ‘wake up word’ that would be correlated to the brand of the vehicle, so a Compass user would say “Hey Jeep” before a command such as changing the climate control temperature setting. The new infotainment system also has the ability to connect two Bluetooth phones simultaneously.

Since FCA is looking to have over 30 electrified models across brands by 2022, the in-built navigation system needs to have charging stations integrated into the route. If the car doesn’t have enough range to reach the selected destination, the UConnect 5 will offer suggestions for charging/fuel stations within range with cost comparisons.

The new infotainment system uses a cloud-based platform for connected services and over-the-air updates. Apart from featuring Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, UConnect5 also brings Amazon Alexa directly into the vehicle itself. This adds Alexa’s functionalities such as playing music, building to-do lists, checking news and more to those in the car.

It is not yet confirmed which of the upgrades on the UConnect 5 will be offered in which part of the world. But the bigger touchscreen and improved voice command functions can be expected to feature on the facelifted Jeep Compass and the upcoming 7-seater Jeep SUV.


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