The Venue gets a long list of features, but how does it compare in terms of size and powertrain? Let’s find out.

Hyundai has unveiled its first sub-4m SUV, the Venue. The SUV is equipped with various segment-first features and also gets a new turbocharged petrol engine coupled to an in-house developed 7-speed dual clutch transmission. But is it capable enough to take on well established rivals like the Vitara Brezza and the Tata Nexon? To find out, let’s compare the specifications of these sub-4 metre SUVs.

Dimensions Venue Brezza Nexon XUV300 EcoSport
Length 3995mm 3995mm 3994mm 3995mm 3998mm
Width 1770mm 1790mm 1811mm 1821mm 1765mm
Height 1590mm 1640mm 1607mm 1627mm 1647mm
Wheelbase 2500mm 2500mm 2498mm 2600mm 2519mm

Longest: Ford EcoSport

Widest: Mahindra XUV300

Tallest: Ford EcoSport

Wheelbase: Mahindra XUV300

The Venue is not the longest, widest or tallest SUV here. In fact, it is among the narrowest and is the shortest in terms of height. As far as the wheelbase is concerned, at 2500mm, it is at par with the Brezza but smaller than the EcoSport and the XUV300. So it doesn’t set any new benchmarks in terms of size.

Engines: Except for the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, the other sub-4m SUVs are available with both petrol and diesel engine options.

Petrol Venue XUV300 Nexon EcoSport
Engine 1.0-litre turbo / 1.2-litre NA 1.2-litre turbo 1.2 turbo 1.5-litre NA / 1.0-litre turbo
Power 120PS / 83PS 110PS 110PS 123PS /125PS
Torque 172Nm / 115Nm 200Nm 170Nm 150Nm / 170Nm
Transmission 7-speed DCT , 6-speed MT / 5-speed MT 6-speed MT 6-speed MT / AMT 5-speed MT, 6-speed AT / 6-speed MT

Most Powerful: Ford EcoSport

HIghest Torque: Mahindra XUV300

The Venue is available with two petrol engines – a 1.2-litre naturally aspirated unit and a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine. Where the 1.2-litre unit that produces 83PS is the least powerful petrol engine in this comparison, the 1.0-litre turbocharged engine puts out 120PS, making it the second most powerful petrol SUV after the EcoSport.

Both the Nexon and the XUV300 come with 1.2-litre turbocharged engines producing 110PS of power. In terms of torque, the XUV300 takes the lead with 200Nm followed by the Venue at 172Nm. Both the EcoSport and the Nexon have an identical torque figure of 170Nm. The Venue’s 1.2-litre unit produces the least amount of torque here.

As far as transmissions are concerned, except for the Mahindra, which is only available with a 6-speed manual, all SUVs here get an automatic option as well. The Venue gets a 5-speed manual with the 1.2-litre engine whereas the 1.0-litre turbocharged unit can be had with either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed dual clutch automatic. In fact, it is the only SUV here to offer a dual clutch transmission.

The Nexon is equipped with a 6-speed manual as standard but can be had with a 6-speed AMT as well. The EcoSport, on the other hand, is available with three transmission options. Where the 1.5-litre engine is available with a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed auto, the 1.0-litre turbocharged engine is only offered with a 6-speed manual.

Diesel Venue Brezza Nexon XUV300 EcoSport
Engine 1.4-litre 1.3-litre 1.5-litre 1.5-litre 1.5-litre
Power 90PS 90PS 110PS 115PS 100PS
Torque 220Nm 200Nm 260Nm 300Nm 205Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT 5-speed MT/AMT 6-speed MT/ AMT 6-speed MT 5-speed MT

Most Powerful: Mahindra XUV300

Most Torque: Mahindra XUV300

With 90PS of power, the Venue is amongst the least powerful diesel SUV here. The XUV300 takes the lead in this department followed by the Nexon and the EcoSport, respectively. The Mahindra is also the torquiest SUV here followed by the Nexon and the Venue, respectively. With 5Nm less torque than the Ford EcoSport, the Brezza has the least torque of all the SUVs featured here.

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