How different are the two in terms of performance and mileage? We find out

In 2019, Hyundai debuted its 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine with the Venue sub-compact SUV. More recently, its sister brand Kia entered India with the launch of the Seltos compact SUV, with a 1.4-litre turbo-petrol as one of its engine options. Both are the latest turbo-petrol offerings from the Hyundai-Kia engine family.

While the two models are in different segments, we have the opportunity to compare the real-world mileage and performance of both. Let’s take a look at the engine specifications:

Hyundai Venue Kia Seltos
Engine 1.0-litre turbo 1.4-litre turbo
Power 120PS 140PS
Torque 172Nm 242Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT 6-speed MT
Emission type BS4 BS6

Both petrol engines are turbocharged and direct injected, mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The Venue’s smaller engine is a 3-cylinder unit producing 20PS and 70Nm less than the Seltos. The Kia powertrain also gets the benefit of being BS6 compliant.

Performance Comparison

Acceleration & Roll-on Tests

0-100kmph 30-80kmph (3rd gear) 40-100kmph (4th gear)
Venue 10.99s 9.02s 14.59s
Seltos 9.36s 6.55s 10.33s

The more powerful Seltos can outdo the Venue in terms of acceleration quite easily. The Venue is significantly slower to reach a 100kmph and accelerates slower in gear as well. Kia’s offering is more than 4 seconds quicker than the Venue when accelerating from 40kmph to 100kmph in 4th gear.

Braking Test

100-0kmph 80-0kmph
Venue 43.1m 27.28m
Seltos 41.3m 26.43m

The Venue is smaller and expectedly lighter than the Seltos, yet it covers more distance while coming to a halt from 100kmph and 80kmph. Kia also gets the advantage of disc brakes on all four wheels to brake in a shorter distance than the Hyundai sub-4m SUV.

Fuel-Efficiency Comparison

Claimed (ARAI) City (tested) Highway (tested)
Venue 18.15kmpl 12.43kmpl 18.84kmpl
Seltos 16.1kmpl 11.51kmpl 18.03kmpl

The Venue and Seltos deliver a lot less than their claimed mileage in terms of city driving. But when it comes to highway conditions, the Venue is able to surpass its claimed efficiency figure by 0.69kmpl while the Seltos delivers nearly 2kmpl more. The smaller SUV is more frugal but not by much, delivering less than 1km more per litre of fuel than the Seltos.

50% City, 50% Highway 75% City, 25% Highway 25% City, 75% Highway
Venue 14.97kmpl 13.58kmpl 16.68kmpl
Seltos 14.05kmpl 12.65kmpl 15.79kmpl


We’ve also estimated the average fuel-efficiency figures of Venue and Seltos in varied driving conditions based on our real-world mileage tests. The Venue is still more frugal in every aspect but the difference is still less than 1kmpl. In a balance of city and highway driving, neither turbo-petrol SUV is able to deliver its claimed mileage.

In predominantly city driving conditions the Venue delivers under 14kmpl while the Seltos does less than 13kmpl. In a balance of both city and highway driving, the Seltos can do just over 14kmpl while the Venue can almost deliver 15kmpl. When driven predominantly on the highway, the efficiency of both these turbocharged engines goes up. The Venue can do over 16.5kmpl and the Seltos is a bit short of 16kmpl.


In terms of mileage, there is not much of a difference between the Venue and Seltos, however, the smaller car with the smaller engine is more frugal. The Kia compact SUV is significantly quicker than the Hyundai sub-4m SUV offering.