How do the two Hyundai SUVs compare against each other in the real world?

While Hyundai’s Venue and Creta might not compete in the same segment, they are positioned close to each other and are a source of confusion for those looking to buy an SUV. To help make your buying decision easier, we’ve compared the real-world performance and fuel efficiency of the two Hyundai SUVs.

In this comparison, we’ve chosen the Venue 1.4-litre diesel-manual and the Creta 1.6-litre diesel-manual as these are the cars we got to test. Before we move on to the real world tests, let’s take a look at the specs of these two SUVs.

Hyundai Venue Hyundai Creta
Displacement 1.4-litre 1.6-litre
Power 90PS 128PS
Torque 220Nm 260Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT 6-speed MT
Claimed FE 23.7kmpl 20.5kmpl
Emission Type BS4 BS4

On paper, the Hyundai Creta has a more powerful engine while the Venue offers better fuel efficiency. However, what’s the story like in the real world?

Performance Comparison
Acceleration and Roll-on Tests:

0-100kmph 30-80kmph 40-100kmph
Hyundai Venue 12.49s 8.26s 14.04s
Hyundai Creta 10.83s 7.93s 13.58s

The Creta’s bigger and more powerful engine comes into its own in the acceleration tests. It beats the Hyundai Venue hands down, with the smaller SUV managing to come closest to its elder sibling only in the 40-100kmph sprint in fourth gear.

Braking Distance:

100-0kmph 80-0kmph
Hyundai Venue 45.96m (wet) 28.53m (wet)
Hyundai Creta 43.43m 26.75m

The braking figures we have for the Venue were obtained during wet conditions and thus it might not be fair to pit them against those of the Creta, which was tested in dry conditions. However, there is only a gap of 2-3 metres in the figures, with the Creta being ahead in both situations, and thus we can say that their braking performance should be near-identical under ideal conditions.

Fuel Efficiency Comparison

Claimed (ARAI) Highway (Tested) City (Tested)
Hyundai Venue 23.7kmpl 19.91kmpl 18.95kmpl
Hyundai Creta 20.5kmpl 21.84kmpl 13.99kmpl

Despite having a bigger engine, the Creta is more frugal on the highway. However, in the city, its efficiency drops quite a bit and the Venue has a clear advantage in this case.

Take a look at the table below to find out what fuel efficiency you can expect according to your usage.

50% highway, 50% city 25% highway, 75% city 75% highway, 25% city
Hyundai Venue 19.42kmpl 19.66kmpl 19.18kmpl
Hyundai Creta 17.06kmpl 15.37kmpl 19.15kmpl


If money is no object and things like straight line speed, braking abilities and fuel efficiency while cruising on the highway matter to you, we suggest you pick the Creta. However, if you drive around the city a lot and are wary of spending extra on fuel, pick the Venue as it delivers excellent fuel efficiency in the city.