This will ease the burden on buyers looking to opt for finance for their new Hyundai car

  • Each deal offers different loan repayment options.
  • 3-Month Low EMI, Step-up and Balloon offers are valid on all Hyundai models.
  • Long-duration and low down payment programs are applicable on select models.
  • Hyundai has resumed operations at its plant and opened multiple dealerships across India.

The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected consumer behaviour and the economies of many countries across the globe. Now, Hyundai India has rolled out five car financing initiatives to offer peace of mind and convenience to buyers during these unprecedented times. They are labeled as follows: three-month low EMI, step-up, balloon, longest duration, and low downpayment. Let’s take a look at each initiative individually:

  1. 3-month low EMI deal: This scheme is valid for all Hyundai models. Under this, customers can opt for low EMIs for the first three months and pay the balance amount in remaining equal EMIs for 3-, 4-, and 5-year loan tenures.
  2. Step-up offer: Customers are required to pay an EMI of Rs 1,234 per lakh for the first year for a 7-year loan tenure. The EMI will then increase by 11 per cent from the second year onwards till the end of the tenure. This option is also valid on all Hyundai cars.
  3. Balloon option: This option allows customers to pay a lower EMI (approximately 14 per cent lower than normal EMI) from the 1st to 59th month, while the last EMI will be 25 per cent of the loan repayment. Like the above offers, this too is valid on all models.
  4. Longest duration offer: It offers a loan tenure of up to 8 years. This is useful for customers looking to pay the smallest amount of monthly EMIs to ease out the loan repayment throughout the tenure. Only select models are offered with this scheme.
  5. Low down payment option: Customers can opt for up to 100 per cent on-road funding resulting in zero down payment. This scheme is valid for select models.

Note: All the above mentioned offers are from different banks for different sectors.

Hyundai has also launched a unique ‘EMI Assurance’ Program to lessen the financial burden on salaried individuals who are looking to buy a new Hyundai car. It has also resumed operations and manufacturing at its plants and dealerships while adhering to all instructions laid down by the central and state governments.


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