Here’s how the Hyundai Creta has managed to achieve stellar response despite a global pandemic wreaking havoc in the auto industry

Coronavirus has sent the automobile industry into a kind of limbo but the Hyundai Creta seems to be relatively unaffected by it. The Korean carmaker has till date received around 24,000 bookings for it since its launch in mid-March. One can only assume that if the pandemic had not been there, these numbers would have been even higher.

Such a response for the Creta can be attributed to two facts. First, the public sentiment for the Creta moniker is quite positive. The previous model was so popular that it created a whole segment and despite its relatively premium positioning, it was considered a value packed purchase. Secondly, the new Creta brings a lot more to the table, not only when compared to the outgoing model but also the Kia Seltos.

The Creta and Seltos are quite similar underneath. They both use the same powertrains and the same chassis. The bodywork of the two and the interiors are totally different though. The Creta offers something that most car buyers in the segment crave – a panoramic sunroof. The Seltos also offers a sunroof, but it doesn’t stretch all the way back till the rear seats.

If you are looking to get your hands on a Creta, Hyundai has reopened approximately 850 dealerships and more than a 1000 service centres across the country. So it’s safe to say that if you make a booking now, you will have to wait a bit before taking delivery.


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