The Aura’s pricing is quite tempting but it is also introductory

Hyundai has launched the Aura, its second vehicle in the sub-4 metre sedan segment. We are pitting it against its rivals to find out how its price compares to them.

We are intentionally not comparing the diesel variants of the Maruti Dzire and Tata Tigor as these manufacturers are set to discontinue the diesel variants of their sedans in the coming BS6 era.

Let’s start with the petrol sedans first.

Hyundai Aura Maruti Dzire Honda Amaze Ford Aspire Hyundai Xcent
E – Rs 5.80 lakh LXi – Rs 5.83 lakh E – Rs 5.93 lakh Ambiente – Rs 5.99 lakh E – Rs 5.85 lakh
S – Rs 6.50 lakh VXi – Rs 6.73 lakh S – Rs 6.73 lakh Trend – Rs 6.63 lakh S – Rs 6.47 lakh
S AMT – Rs 7.06 lakh VXi AMT – Rs 7.20 lakh V – Rs 7.33 lakh Trend+ – Rs 6.97 lakh SX – Rs 7.09 lakh
SX – Rs 7.30 lakh ZXi – Rs 7.32 lakh S CVT – Rs 7.63 lakh Titanium – Rs 7.37 lakh S AMT – Rs 7.34 lakh
SX (O) – Rs 7.86 lakh ZXi AMT – Rs 7.79 lakh VX – Rs 7.81 lakh Titanium BLU – Rs 7.62 lakh SX (O) – Rs 7.86 lakh
SX+ AMT – Rs 8.05 lakh ZXi+ – Rs 8.22 lakh V CVT – Rs 8.23 lakh Titanium+ – Rs 7.82 lakh
SX+ MT (Turbo-petrol) – Rs 8.55 lakh ZXi+ AMT – Rs 8.69 lakh VX CVT – Rs 8.64 lakh
  • The Hyundai Aura has the least expensive base variant on the list, cheaper than even its sibling, the Xcent. It is because the Aura’s pricing is introductory.
  • The Aura once again manages to be the least expensive automatic option on the list, beating the Dzire, Amaze and Xcent. The Aspire is not offered with an automatic transmission anymore.
  • Of all the top-spec AMTs on offer here, the Aura is once again the least expensive option.
  • When it comes to the top-spec manual transmission options, though, the Aura bucks the trend and is actually the most expensive option. However, note that Hyundai is offering their turbo-petrol motor, which is more powerful than the competition, in this variant.
  • It should be noted that only the Aura and Dzire here offer BS6 engines.

So it is clear that the Aura despite being a premium offering starts off at price that is less than its rivals, even offering the convenience of an automatic at a lesser price. However, it should be noted that the Aura’s pricing is introductory for now and will be increased in the future.

Let’s move on to the diesels now.

Hyundai Aura Honda Amaze Ford Aspire  Hyundai Xcent
E – Rs 7.05 lakh Ambiente – Rs 6.99 lakh E – Rs 6.73 lakh
S – Rs 7.74 lakh S – Rs 7.85 lakh Trend – Rs 7.37 lakh S – Rs 7.46 lakh
S AMT – Rs 8.24 lakh V – Rs 8.45 lakh Trend+ – Rs 7.77 lakh SX – Rs 8.02 lakh
SX (O) – Rs 9.04 lakh S CVT – Rs 8.65 lakh Titanium – Rs 8.17 lakh SX (O) – 8.79 lakh
SX+ AMT – Rs 9.23 lakh VX – Rs 8.93 lakh Titanium BLU – Rs 8.42 lakh
V CVT – Rs 9.25 lakh Titanium+ – Rs 8.62 lakh
VX CVT – Rs 9.66 lakh
  • In the case of diesels, it is the Hyundai Xcent that offers the cheapest base variant. However, the Aura is not offered with a corresponding variant and is available from one variant above.
  • If we compare the Aura’s second variant from the base to the others, it is the Aspire that is the least expensive.
  • When it comes to offering an automatic the Aura’s only competition is the Amaze, and the Hyundai sedan beats its pricing quite comprehensively. That’s because the Amaze offers a CVT instead of the Aura’s AMT.
  • Even when we pit the top-spec automatic variants of the two against one another, it is the Aura that is the less expensive option and that too by a margin.
  • If we straight up compare the top-spec manual transmission variants, it is the Ford Aspire that is the least expensive option.
  • It should once again be noted that the Aura is the only offering that offers a BS6 engine.


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