Mahindra’s claimed fuel efficiency figure for the XUV300 diesel, which packs the most powerful engine in its class, is 20kmpl. How much does it deliver in the real world? 

The feature-rich Mahindra XUV300 has quickly become one of the most popular subcompact SUVs in terms of buyer demand. It is available with both petrol and diesel engines with manual transmission as well as an optional automated-manual transmission (AMT) with its diesel engine. We recently tested the XUV300 in its diesel-manual avatar and noted what it returns in real-world condition against what Mahindra claims. Here are the numbers:

Displacement 1.5-litre
Max power 117PS
Peak torque 300Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT
Claimed fuel efficiency (ARAI) 20kmpl
Tested fuel efficiency (city) 15.40kmpl
Tested fuel efficiency (highway) 19.89kmpl

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Fuel Efficiency 50% in city and 50% on highway 25% in city and 75% on highway 75% in city and 25% on highway
17.35kmpl 18.53kmpl 16.32kmpl

The real-world fuel efficiency results reveal that the XUV300 diesel manual is not as fuel efficient as Mahindra claims. This is quite expected since the claimed figures are recorded under controlled conditions.

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If you drive predominantly in the city, expect the subcompact SUV to return somewhere around 16kmpl over a longer duration. Please note that the figure can drop lower if you have to negotiate your way through dense traffic often. On the other hand, if your daily routine involves a route that is relatively empty and where you can cruise comfortably, expect the overall fuel efficiency figure to go over 18kmpl.

Your findings may vary from ours as fuel efficiency differs with driving conditions, car condition and driver behaviour. If you’re an existing XUV300 diesel manual owner, do share your findings in the comments below.

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