Hyundai claims that the diesel Venue returns a fuel efficiency of more than 23kmpl! But what is the story in the real world?

The Hyundai Venue was recently launched in India and with sales figures of the subcompact SUV going through the roof, it has proved to be a popular choice in its segment. Recently, we tested the fuel efficiency of the diesel-powered Venue, which is only available with a manual transmission, to find out how big a difference is there between claimed and actual figures.

Here’s a table with crucial engine details and our tested numbers as well as what Hyundai claims:

Engine Displacement 1.4-litre
Max Power 90PS
Peak Torque 220Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT
Claimed FE 23.7kmpl
Tested Highway FE 19.91kmpl
Tested City FE 18.95kmpl

Hyundai claims that the Venue can return more than 23kmpl, but as you can see, real-world conditions lead to a drop of 4-5kmpl.

Mileage 50% in city and 50% on highway 25% in city and 75% on highway 75% in city and 25% on highway
Hyundai Venue 19.42kmpl 19.66kmpl 19.18kmpl

As it is clear from the table above, the Venue’s average stays in the 19kmpl region no matter what kind of environment you drive it in. However, if the traffic on your commute is quite heavy, expect the city fuel efficiency to further dip by a couple of kmpl at least.

Your findings may vary from ours as fuel efficiency differs with respect to driving conditions, car condition and driver behaviour too. If you’re an existing Venue owner, do share your findings in the comments section below.

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