The Octavia is bigger than the Civic on the outside, but the Civic’s wheelbase is longer. Will it translate into more room inside the Honda?

Octavia is longer, wider and taller than the Civic.

Civic’s wheelbase is longer though.

Front row of the Octavia offers better kneeroom and headroom.

Civic’s rear seat base length and width better than the Octavia’s.

The tenth-gen Honda Civic was launched in India in March 2019. It’s the first instance that the Civic is available in India with both petrol and diesel engine options, and that makes it a more competitive package in the mid-size sedan space than before.

One of the Civic’s main rivals in India is the Skoda Octavia. To figure out which of these mid-size sedans offer more space on the inside, we got out the measuring tape and got to work. But before we tell you our findings, have a look at the exterior dimensions of the two sedans.

Measurements Honda Civic Octavia
Length 4656mm 4670mm
Width 1799mm 1814mm
Height 1433mm 1476mm
Wheelbase 2700mm 2688mm

Longer car: Skoda Octavia

Wider car: Skoda Octavia

Taller car: Skoda Octavia

Longer wheelbase: Honda Civic

The Skoda Octavia is longer, wider and taller than the Civic when comparing exterior dimensions. However, the Civic has a longer wheelbase, which could prove crucial to creating more space inside the cabin.

First row

Dimensions Honda Civic Skoda Octavia
Legroom (min-max) 845-1030mm 880-1090mm
Kneeroom (min-max) 535-765mm 620-845mm
Cabin width 1450mm 1450mm
Seat base length 480mm 460mm
Seat base width 500mm 500mm
Seat back height 615mm 650mm
Headroom (min-max for driver) 840-950mm 900-990mm

The Octavia’s larger exterior dimensions result in a more spacious first row inside the cabin. The Skoda sedan offers more legroom and kneeroom in the front row. The seat back in the Skoda is also taller and the headroom on offer is also more than the Civic. So, taller people are likely to be more comfortable in the Octavia. The cabin width and seat base width are the same for the two, although the Civic does offer a longer seat base. That will translate into better under thigh support, which can be a boon on longer journeys.

Second row

Dimensions Honda Civic Skoda Octavia
Shoulder room 1370mm 1380mm
Headroom 920mm 950mm
Knee room (min-max) 660-890mm 590-810mm
Seat base length 480mm 440mm
Seat base width 1325mm 1260mm
Seat back height 665mm 650mm

Coming to rear, the Octavia offers more shoulder room and headroom. Practical tests reveal that the Octavia will seat three at the back more comfortably. While the Octavia offers better shoulder room, the rear seat base of the Civic is wider.

The longer wheelbase of the Civic helps it offer better knee room and a longer seat base length. Thus, under thigh support will be better in the Civic, which is a boon on longer journeys. The seat back height is also more on the Civic, which means your neck will have better support, especially if you’re taller than average. If headroom is not a concern for you in the rear of the Civic and you don’t share the rear seat with two more people, the Civic is likely to offer a more spacious environment.

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