Honda car owners can opt for the new plan even after the standard warranty has expired

  • The Anytime Warranty will be priced depending on the service record of your car.
  • The new plan covers Honda’s current models as one as old ones like the Mobilio.
  • Anytime Warranty can be availed at any Honda dealer and is transferable too.

After Renault, it is now Honda’s turn to introduce a special warranty plan for its car. Called ‘Anytime Warranty’ the new plan can be availed ever after the car’s standard warranty has expired. It must be noted that Anytime Warranty is not to be confused with an extended warranty as the latter has to be bought at the time of purchasing the new car or before the standard warranty expires.

What this essentially means is that Honda car owners have the option of buying ‘Anytime Warranty’ for any make and model (even the Mobilio which has been discontinued is covered under this warranty) at any point of time. The only clause you will need to keep in mind is that the odometer of your Honda car should read less than 1.2 lakh km and the vehicle shouldn’t be more than 10 years old. The vehicle will also be formally inspected by an authoried Honda dealer before the anytime warranty can be availed.

The price for these warranty packs, which can be bought on a yearly basis, will depend on your car’s service records. One warranty pack will cover your car for 1 year or 20,000km. If the car has been maintained by Honda all throughout its life, the price of the warranty package will be less. However, if you have given your Honda to a local garage after its warranty expired, you will have to pay more for the Anytime Warranty plan.

This warranty is essentially a reward for customers who have stayed loyal to the brand even after their car’s warranty expired. For customers who didn’t pick Honda service after their warranty expired, it is a good way to extend the warranty of their Honda and worry less about anything going wrong in their car.

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