Track it, map it, and if someone has it, then stop it. Remotely

  • You can use the ZConnect app to remotely control your Nexon EV.
  • Check the status of the battery pack from your smartphone.
  • Find the nearest charging station from the palm of your hand.
  • It helps you plan road trips as well.
  • Instant SOS messages are sent out in case of an emergency.
  • Get alerts for certain standard or custom parameters.
  • The app also rates your driving style after each trip.


Tata Motors will soon be launching the Nexon EV in India. The electric SUV packs in a bunch of connected car tech designed not only to make your life easier but also safer. Most of these features can be accessed through the specially designed ZConnect application. Let’s take a look at them:

Dedicated features for an EV

Being electric, there are bound to be features here that help with the challenge of owning an EV. So if you are worried about the status of your car’s battery, you don’t need to walk up to it to check that. Things like charge levels, available range, charging history and the nearest charging stations can be browsed on the ZConnect application.


Remote control of the car

You can remotely operate a lot of features on the car by using the app. For instance, if you are sending someone to get something out of your car — but would rather not hand over the keys — you can remotely unlock and lock it. You can also remotely operate the lights and horn so that finding your Nexon EV in a crowded parking lot becomes easier. Then there is the pre-cool feature which allows you to remotely activate the car’s air conditioning.


Quick battery top ups

Need to know where the nearest charging station is? Well, the ZConnect application has that figured out for you — with one click, it will route you to the nearest charging station. You will even have preferential access to 300 charging stations that have tied up with Tata in metro cities, and this list will only expand.


Plan long trips

The ZConnect application also helps you out if you are planning a long road trip. Just put in your destination and it will not only give you directions but also places on your route where you can charge your Nexon EV. You can also choose to share the live location of your car with family or friends, so that they know where you are at all times.


Technical support

Through the app, you can locate the nearest Tata service station. You can directly connect with them or use Tata’s 24×7 call centre which will connect you with them. The road side assistance service can also be accessed through this feature.


Instant SOS

There are times when you don’t have the chance to send out an SOS message. In times like this, the Nexon EVs connected features will have your back. In the event of a crash, it will automatically send out SOS messages to the required parties and also to people you have pre-programmed into the system.



If your Nexon EV gets stolen, you can have it remotely immobilized through a dedicated 24×7 call centre.



Your Nexon EV will automatically send you notifications through the ZConnect app about 20 different parameters that include things like vehicle health, safety, geo-fencing, custom speed setting and more.


Driver behaviour monitoring

The ZConnect app also monitors driver’s behaviour, and assigns a score at the end of each trip. This score is based on parameters such as acceleration and braking. You can share these scores on social media as well.