It’s got more bling, but does that mean it’s afraid to get dirty? Take a look at what the updated Gurkha has to offer

Force Motors has revealed the heavily updated Gurkha at Auto Expo 2020. The Gurkha has never been a mainstream vehicle due to its function over form approach. That means, it has always interested people who live life off-road or traverse over difficult terrain day in and day out. To ramp up its appeal, Force has decided to throw in a bit of bling in the design. Take a look at the new Gurkha in detail below.

While the boxy layout remains, the Gurkha looks a tad more premium now. The LED elements in the headlights mean the Gurkha doesn’t look barebones anymore. And just like before, the snorkel goes all the way above the roof. The bumper and grille have also been redesigned.

From the side, the boxy layout makes it look like there are no changes. However, the roofline, which used to rise before, goes straight back now. Furthermore, the window for the rear passengers is a single piece of glass. It looks modern now as it is not put together with old school beeding but pasted instead. It’s the same with the side rear glass.

The Gurkha’s body panels have been updated too and it looks quite modern compared to its predecessor. This must have been done to meet the new crash test norms as well as the upcoming pedestrian safety norms.

The alloy wheels are 16-inch units with an orange accent on one part of the design. It uses 245/75 R16 knobby tyres. But the alloys you see here should be offered as an accessory as before.

The newly designed dashboard features a black and brown dual-tone scheme but the plastics feel utilitarian, reminding one, the Gurkha is first and foremost, a utility vehicle at heart. There is an aftermarket touchscreen now though. For the first time, the Gurkha comes with dual front airbags.

There are individual seats for passengers in the second row. If you need to seat more people, there are two jump seats where the boot of the car is.

The engine was not on display but it is a BS6-compliant 2.6-litre diesel unit. It makes 90PS and 280Nm of torque. The gearbox on offer is a 5-speed manual, with a low-range transfer case same as before.

The controls for the front and rear differential lie near the gearbox itself again like the previous model. Force is also offering power windows for the first time on the Gurkha.

The reflectors in the tail lamp might look like there are LED elements inside, but that is not the case.

There is a step at the back for passengers to get in and out of the rear door comfortably. The toe-hook next to it means business, allowing for the Gurkha to tow another vehicle quite easily.

The updated Force Gurkha has only been shown at the expo and will be launched by April 2020 before BS6 norms kick in.