How exactly will the seven-seater Gravitas differ from the Harrier, which is already present on showroom floors?

  • Launch of Gravitas is scheduled for February 2020.
  • Seven-seater version of Harrier was shown at 2019 Geneva Motor Show.
  • It was called ‘Buzzard’ for the European market.
  • Third row has enough space to keep two adults comfortable.
  • Third row also gets separate blower controls and USB and aux ports.
  • Gravitas could be offered with a panoramic sunroof.

Tata’s seven-seater SUV has been a long time coming and the fact that it will be based on the Harrier tells us a lot about it. We also now know that it will be called ‘Gravitas’ and Tata plans to launch it in February 2020, probably at the Expo. So, how is the Gravitas different from the Harrier? Well, it has an extra row of seats at the back, which makes it a seven-seater.

We got to see the Gravitas, known as the Buzzard for the international market, at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. While the SUV we will get in India is likely to feature minor changes, it will in essence be quite similar to the Buzzard. Knowing that the third row will be the biggest difference between the two, we got down to dissecting it.

When we got into the third row of the Buzzard it felt spacious for adults, according to third-row standards. The seats split and fold down in a usual 50:50 fashion, which makes it versatile.

The middle row in the Buzzard slides forwards and backwards, which allows for greater knee room for third-row passengers. It can also be split in a 60:40 fashion. There are even adjustable headrests and cup holders so third-row passengers can enjoy their beverages in comfort.

Tata has even thought about the fact that passengers in the last row are often dependent on passengers sitting ahead of them to control the AC or charge their phone. The Buzzard features an independent blower control for the third row, along with USB and aux inputs. Not only can the third-row occupants control the fan speed, they can also charge their phone or play their choice of music, without having to pass their smartphone to passengers in the front. On the flipside, entering and exiting the third row can be a little tricky.

Apart from the third-row, we expect the feature list to remain the same as that of the Harrier. One surprise addition on the Gravitas could be a panoramic sunroof, which apart from being a premium feature that Indian car buyers tend to swoon over, also makes the cabin feel airy.

Just like Tata did with the Harrier, we expect information about the Gravitas to be released in trickles before its launch in February 2020, so stay tuned to for more of the same.

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