At an investor presentation, luxury carmaker Ferrari has announced that it will be 60 per cent electrified by 2026.

The carmaker said that by 2026 Ferrari targets a well-diversified product portfolio, composed of 60 per cent hybrid and fully electric and 40 per cent ICE in terms of the number of models.

“Our brand fuels the dreams of millions. It has been built up over 75 years of thrilling, memorable experiences, through success on the track and sheer driving pleasure on the road,” John Elkann, Ferrari Chairman, said in a statement.

“It has created an inclusive, close-knit community that encompasses diverse people, countries and even industries. As long as we preserve its heritage and values, it will lay a solid foundation for our future strategic plans,” Elkann added.

Ferrari said it will continue to develop and make in-house its core components while co-developing and tailoring best-in-class existing solutions with selected partners, as it has always done since its establishment.

Strategic partnerships in non-core hardware and software areas will provide access to state-of-the-art technologies, helping to maintain a disciplined approach towards investment whilst enhancing design, performance and driving thrills.
IANS – Source