The US President’s armoured limousine is one of the safest and most expensive cars in the world

The Cadillac One is the official limousine transporter for the sitting President of the United States of America. Popularly dubbed ‘The Beast’ by the Secret Service team, it is one of the most secure vehicles in the world designed for non-military use. This latest avatar of the Cadillac One debuted in 2018. Here are some interesting things you should know about the Beast:

1) Cadillac design, truck chassis, tank-like toughness

The Cadillac One is dressed to look like a limousine version of a Cadillac sedan while the chassis is said to be shared with a GM truck. Like some fancy cars of recent interest, this is also a 7-seater, but in this case, the best seat is probably the one furthest back from the driver.

2) Performance is classified

The Beast’s exact dimensions and powertrain details are classified information but the Secret Service says power is sufficient. It has to be since this armoured limousine has an estimated weight of over 9 tonnes. It is most likely powered by a V8 diesel under its armoured bonnet that offers enough torque to carry its body weight at pace.

3) It’s probably hard to kill

While the full details of its protective abilities are a secret, some president-spec features are known to the public. The Cadillac One’s sheet metal panels are estimated to be around 8-inches thick and are designed to withstand bullets and explosive attacks. Even the underside is armoured to protect it from roadside bombs while the fuel tank is foam-sealed. Once the doors close its cabin is sealed off to protect from chemical and bio-weapon attacks. The windows are expectedly bulletproof as well. The run-flat tyres are lined with Kevlar to withstand bullets and spikes but even if it does get punctured, the rim is reportedly designed to be able to maintain drivability. It even has night-vision capabilities.

4) It most likely has guns and cooled bottles of blood

The Beast is said to feature a few offensive capabilities too such as tear gas cannons and shotguns. Its door handles are said to electrically shock anyone who tries to open it forcefully from the outside. In case anything were to happen to the President inside, the Cadillac One reportedly has medical facilities such as an oxygen tank and a stock of spare blood in the fridge. The blood stored is of the same type as the blood of the sitting US President. It also has an impressive array of state-of-the-art communication equipment to ensure the President can contact just about anyone and also to keep the Cadillac One under the watchful eye of the Secret Service.

5) You can’t buy one even if you could afford it

If you’re a powerful global personality or have access to nuclear launch codes and are interested in a similar level of secure transport, we can tell you that the Cadillac One is estimated to cost around USD 1.5 million plus options. Of course, as the official transport of a global leader, Cadillac won’t sell one to a member of the public and decommissioned models are reportedly destroyed to protect state secrets.