Maruti’s WagonR is the only car in the compact hatchback segment to go past the 10,000 monthly sales milestone in September 2019

WagonR’s market share is just under 50 per cent.

The Celerio has been around the longest without undergoing a major update.

The Santro’s sales are constant around the 3,000 mark.

Tiago’s market share has shrunk by almost half compared to last year.

The Ignis once again went past the 1,000 unit mark.

Datsun GO’s sales were the poorest of the lot, not even managing to go past 150 units.

Despite the Indian automobile industry facing a tough time with the changing norms and dip in car sales, the compact hatchback segment seems to be unaffected. Constituted by the likes of WagonR, Celerio, Santro, Tiago, Ignis and Datsun GO, the segment continues to rake in close to 25,000 unit sales monthly. Take a look below to find out which cars are doing better than the others.

Compact hatchbacks
Sept 2019 August 2019 MoM Growth Market share current(%) Market share (% last year) YoY mkt share (%) Average sales (6 months)
Maruti WagonR 11757 11402 3.11 49.25 38.88 10.37 13119
Maruti Celerio 4140 4765 -13.11 17.34 27.01 -9.67 6366
Hyundai Santro 3502 3288 6.5 14.67 0 14.67 5471
Tata Tiago 3068 3037 1.02 12.85 24.57 -11.72 4832
Maruti Ignis 1266 1322 -4.23 5.3 7.76 -2.46 2223
Datsun GO 136 205 -33.65 0.56 1.75 -1.19 221
Total 23869 24019 -0.62 99.97

Maruti WagonR: The WagonR went past the 10K mark once again this month, bettering its August sales by 300-400 units. It has scooped up a market share of just under 50 per cent this month and is not far off from its average monthly sales over the past six months.

Maruti Celerio: The old warhorse from Maruti Suzuki managed to come in second despite not having been updated in the longest of time. It managed to sell more than 4,000 units in September 2019 and nailed down a market share of over 17 per cent.

Hyundai Santro: The compact hatchback from Hyundai commands a market share of just under 15 per cent and while its MoM sales have increased compared to August 2019, the sales figures are way down from what they were six months ago.

Tata Tiago: The Tiago’s sales have been constant compared to August 2019, but the last six months have not been kind to the Tata hatchback as its off by almost 2,000 units from its average monthly sales mark for the past half year. It continues to command a market share of just under 13 per cent.

Maruti Ignis: While the Ignis’ sales are not close to its monthly average over the past six months, the Nexa product managed to make it past the 1,000 unit mark, which is not bad considering it’s only available with a petrol engine now. It commands a market share of just over five per cent.

Datsun GO: The Datsun GO’s sales numbers continue to fall with time as the Japanese carmaker sold just under 150 units in September. While the difference may not be a lot, it is an almost 35 per cent reduction in MoM sales when compared to August 2019 sales.

Total: Overall, the difference between the August and September sales figure is not quite different, with the difference being less than 200 units, which doesn’t even amount to one per cent.