1976 1738 13.69 60.26 69.89 -9.63 1670
Ford Endeavour 572 848 -32.54 17.44 17.86 -0.42 513
Mahindra Alturas G4 321 430 -25.34 9.78 0 9.78 238
Skoda Kodiaq 252 158 59.49 7.68 5.91 1.77 182
Honda CR-V 104 59 76.27 3.17 1.48 1.69 122
VW Tiguan 54 63 -14.28 1.64 4.82 -3.18 64

Key Takeaways

Toyota Fortuner has got the top spot on lock down: The Fortuner’s dominance at the contrinues. Its SUV quotient, coupled with Toyota’s proven reliability has kept existing customers satisfied, while attracting new ones.

Mahindra’s Alturas G4 third most popular in segment: Mahindra sold 321 units of the Alturas G4 in March 2019 and that makes it more popular than all the monocoque SUVs — CR-V, Kodiaq and Tiguan — in this space.

Skoda Kodiaq is VW Group’s star performer: While the Kodiaq and Tiguan share the same platform and powertrains, it’s the Kodiaq that is more popular in terms of sales numbers. The Kodiaq is bigger than the VW SUV and offers seven seats too, and these could be the reasons instrumental in it finding more buyers.

Honda CR-V barely manages to join the triple-digit club this month: Honda found only 104 takers for the CR-V in March 2019. However, that is still an improvement over the 54 units they sold in February 2019. The CR-V’s sales in the last 2 months have been lower than its average demand in the last 6 months.The current generation CR-V has not managed to garner volumes like its previous model.

Volkswagen Tiguan fails to post triple-digit figures: VW managed to sell only 54 units of the SUV in march 2019. And this is not a one-off case. VW has been selling 64 units per month when taking an average of the last six months. It is smaller than its rivals and is also the only available as a 5-seater, unlike its competition, which only weakens its case.