The concept 81st Ghost, was created as part of the Koenigsegg Sketch Challenge

Gets bits like thin LED headlamps, air tunnels, a wraparound rear wing as well as massive wheels.

It features some Koenigsegg design traits such as its double bulge roof and wraparound windshield.

Unlikely to make it into production, but could be sold as a track-only hypercar
Koenigsegg is well known for making bonkers high performance cars like the Agera and the CCX. While the carmaker’s current portfolio is on the Regera and the Jesko, it is planning a more affordable hybrid supercar. In the meantime, its design boss Sasha Selipanov has invited designers from around the world to design their dream hypercar via the Koenigsegg Sketch Challenge. And Tata Motors lead designer, Angelini Riccardo has done just that by revealing a bonkers concept design dubbed the 81st Ghost.

The car looks like a poster worthy hypercar with a long-tail style body as well as plenty of futuristic designs. These include a thin set of LED headlamps that merge with the bonnet lid, air tunnels to increase downforce as well as a massive set of wheels and aggressive wheel arches. At the rear, the concept features a massive rear wing.

Despite its radical nature, Riccardo has used design elements from modern Koenigseggs like the wraparound windscreen as well as the double bulge roof. It also features a black-orange body shade that resembles the Bugatti Chiron 300+, BMW VISION M NEXT Concept as well as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

While nothing has been said about what it packs under the hood, it surely can be radical enough to hit stratospheric top speeds. So radical is this design that there is no way that it could make it into production. Instead, it could be sold as a track-only hypercar. If Koenigsegg ever brings this to reality and into production, expect the hypercar to not be as radical as this concept.