The list comprises agriculture, cargo transportations, and other related activities

While announcing the lockdown extension till May 3, the PM had hinted towards relaxation for some important manufacturing industries from April 20. However, this leeway has been reserved only for the agricultural industry, goods travel, and related ventures. Automotive manufacturing, which was expected to make the cut, has been skipped from the list.

Earlier, the Ministry of Commerce had asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to allow running of factories that are “essential to improve the economic activity (sic) and provide liquidity in the hands of the people”.

Discussions were also in place to commence operations of automobile manufacturing among others at 20-25 per cent capacity in a single shift initially with proper safety instructions.

This probably means carmakers will have to stay shut till the end of lockdown, which is currently pegged to last till May 3. In addition, the carmakers looking to clear their BS4 stocks will also have to wait until the lockdown is lifted to clear 10 per cent of their unsold inventory. The countrywide lockdown has been in effect since March 23, 2020.


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