The Seltos’ feature list is hard to match, even for the new Creta

The Kia Seltos, launched in the second half of 2019, has since climbed its way to the top and set a new benchmark for compact SUVs in India. The long running champion of the compact SUVs, the Hyundai Creta, lost its throne to the Seltos immediately. However, Hyundai is introducing the second-gen Creta to reclaim its throne and it packs a lot of premium feature updates over the outgoing model. That said, the new Creta still doesn’t quite match up to the Kia. Here are some of the features that the Seltos offers over the 2020 Creta:

360-degree parking camera

The Kia Seltos is not the first compact SUV to offer a 360-degree parking camera in this segment but it is one of the few that do. This premium feature makes it a lot easier to navigate through tight situations like congested lanes and small parking spaces.

Turbo-petrol manual

The Seltos and the 2020 Creta share the same BS6 engines – 1.5-litre petrol and diesel, and the 1.4-litre turbo-petrol. While Kia offers the turbo-petrol engine with the choice of a 6-speed manual and 7-speed DCT auto, Hyundai only offers it with the automatic option. The manual variant of the turbo-petrol engine makes it more affordable and more appealing to enthusiasts who love a stick-shift.

Blind view monitor

A first for the segment, the Kia also comes equipped with a blind view monitor. It uses the camera housed inside the ORVM and displays the feed on the 7-inch display in the driver’s instrument cluster. This feature allows the driver to check what’s coming from behind them on whichever side they indicate for, without taking their eyes off the road ahead. It is particularly useful for changing lanes.

8-inch Head-up display

The Kia Seltos is also the first in its segment to offer a head-up display. This 8-inch unit can display the current vehicle speed and the navigational updates for the driver to see without looking away from the road in front. It is not only a cool feature almost exclusively reserved for more premium cars costing over Rs 30 lakh, but also makes it a safer driving experience.

Multi-colour sound mood lighting

The Seltos comes equipped with ambient lighting and LED mood lighting that can flicker in sync with the beat of the music playing from the car’s media system. It can light up the front cabin area in a variety of colours that you can control via the infotainment system. Meanwhile, the 2020 Creta only offers blue ambient lighting.

Front parking sensors

Kia has also equipped the Seltos with front parking sensors in the top-spec variant, a safety feature missing from the new-gen Creta. The front sensors also make it easier to maneuver the car in and out of tight spots.