Here are all the numbers and opinions related to the Civic in one place, to help make your buying decision easier

Honda launched the tenth-generation Civic in India on March 8 and its comeback definitely garnered a lot of interest among lovers of the car in India. Previously, the eighth-generation Civic was sold in India before Honda discontinued it. The ninth-gen Civic was given a miss altogether for the Indian market. However, if the return of the Civic has got you running to fetch your cheque book, have a look at the stories below to make a better decision.

  • First, have a look at our first drive review to find out our first impressions of the tenth-gen Honda Civic.
  • Next up, have a look at what is on offer in the different variants of the Civic and our opinion on which is the best variant for you, here.
  • We have compiled a variant-wise comparison of the Honda Civic and Skoda Octavia, giving our verdict on which is the better variant. Find out which variant of the two will work out best for you, here. Also, find out the same with the Toyota Corolla Altis, here.
  • Finally, find out what are the pros and cons of the 2019 Honda Civic in one place.

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